English Education : English Journal for Teaching and Learning

ISSN Print : 2338-8781 ISSN Online :  2579-4043

English Education: English Journal for Teaching and Learning which is later called EEJ is a journal published by Tarbiyah and Teacher Training Faculty UIN Syekh Ali Hasan Ahmad Addary Padangsidimpuan every June and December. The journal is dedicated to original research on the teaching and learning of English as a foreign language. EEJ includes result of research (field and literature), conceptual ideas and studies, application theory, criticism in language and literature. The contents are author’s responsibility and science is the priority. English Education : English Journal for Teaching and Learning welcome submission on English Teaching Methodology; Structure and Grammar; Morphology; Syntax; Speaking Skill; Listening Skill; Reading Comprehension; Writing Skill; Semantic Pragmatic; Discourse Analysis; Translation; Language Acquisition; Phonology; Pronounciation; Vocabulary; Linguistics; Psycholinguistics; Sociolinguistics; Literature.




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Vol 11, No 1 (2023): Vol 11, No 1 June 2023

Table of Contents


Dwi Oktalia (Jambi University, Indonesia)
Mardiah Radiatan (Jambi University, Indonesia)
Hary Ansyah (SMP Negeri 7 Kota Jambi, Indonesia)
Abstract : 108 Viewers   DOI : 10.24952/ee.v11i1.7729
Rahmat Huda (Universitas Muhammadiyah Tapanuli Selatan, Indonesia)
Lili Herawati Parapat (Universitas Muhammadiyah Tapanuli Selatan, Indonesia)
Anggi Tri Wardhani (Universitas Muhammadiyah Tapanuli Selatan, Indonesia)
Abstract : 1 Viewers   DOI : 10.24952/ee.v11i1.6110
Sokhira Linda Vinde Rambe (UIN Syekh Ali Hasan Ahmad Addary Padangsidimpuan, Indonesia)
Abstract : 58 Viewers   DOI : 10.24952/ee.v11i1.7807
Siti Isma Sari Lubis (Universitas Negeri Padang, Indonesia)
Armita Novriana Rambe (Politeknik Negeri Bengkalis, Indonesia)
Abstract : 29 Viewers   DOI : 10.24952/ee.v11i1.8286
45 - 57
Andeas Andeas (Tanjungpura University, Indonesia)
Sudarsono Sudarsono (Tanjungpura University, Indonesia)
Surmiyati Surmiyati (Tanjungpura University, Indonesia)
Eusabinus Bunau (Tanjungpura University, Indonesia)
Sumarni Sumarni (Tanjungpura University, Indonesia)
Abstract : 4 Viewers   DOI : 10.24952/ee.v11i1.7529
58 - 71
Ida Royani (UIN Syekh Ali Hasan Ahmad Addary Padangsidimpuan, Indonesia)
Abstract : 120 Viewers   DOI : 10.24952/ee.v11i1.8389
72 - 83
Hilyati Fitria Harahap (UIN Sumatera Utara, Indonesia, Indonesia)
Yosi Andana (UIN Sumatera Utara, Indonesia, Indonesia)
Hazhar Aswatdi (UIN Sumatera Utara, Indonesia, Indonesia)
Sri Dewi Lestari (UIN Sumatera Utara, Indonesia, Indonesia)
Utami Dewi (UIN Sumatera Utara, Indonesia, Indonesia)
Abstract : 4 Viewers   DOI : 10.24952/ee.v11i1.7355
84 - 95
Tiara Azzahra Marpaung (University of Bengkulu, Indonesia)
Ira Maisarah (University of Bengkulu, Indonesia)
Abstract : 91 Viewers   DOI : 10.24952/ee.v11i1.8423
96 - 106
Yusni Sinaga (UIN Syekh Ali Hasan Ahmad Addary Padangsidimpuan, Indonesia)
Abstract : 16 Viewers   DOI : 10.24952/ee.v11i1.8023
107 - 115
Yose Rahayu Wilujeng (UIN Sunan Ampel, Indonesia)
Afida Safriani (UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya, Indonesia)
Muhtarom Muhtarom (UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya, Indonesia)
Abstract : 69 Viewers   DOI : 10.24952/ee.v11i1.7863
116 - 132