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Today the library is a dynamic organization, going inside to fulfill the dynamism of this matter which is crucial thing that is element of leadership. Nowadays it has been discovered that different types of leadership can be the successor to which a leader can apply that type, so that when that type of leadership becomes the leader's principle, it will create a certain symbolism. There is a charismatic type of other types of leadership, the transformational leadership style. This leadership style is based on the follower's satisfaction in addition to the goal achievement orientation, so this style is more supportive of the followers (librarians) to reach their orientation. Therefore, this research as a search for the symbolism that appears in its implications for self-autonomy librarians. Analysis used in this research, that is by using literature study. Researchers reviewed the literature with the primary literature is the literature of Bass & Riggio entitled "Transformational Leadership".


Leadership style; Transformational Leadership; Management

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