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In modern times many developments taking place in every aspect of life. From day to day we can observe the developments around us. And at this point we have reached in the digital age. Where almost all the things that used conventionally shaped now turned into a digital form. The development was also targeted at the development of the library. Libraries were once only filled with a physical book has now started to turn into a digital form that is more effective and efficient. Not only books that changed digitally, but the system used in it has turned into a digital form that more easily than a conventional library. In the development of the digital library has many benefits that may not be owned by a conventional library. However, there are some advantages and disadvantages which we will discuss in this journal, and both have keunggulan.Dan in the end either in conventional or digital format, the library is expected to provide benefits to anyone associated with the library either directly or indirectly.


Library; modern; development; digital

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