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Restoration of thoughts about Sufism this is due to the widespread
skepticism in the presence of a different dogma in some Sufi circles. The
restoration is to resurrect something hidden. Evoking the meaning between the
lines of a verse or Hadith aimed at getting the contents of the actual content, there
is meaning behind the express is often more interesting and motivating people to
Surah al A'raaf ayat 172-173 describes the creed that inform whence are
first to all the human beings that do not forget the promise of the Godhead. Many
verses that affirm faith and explain whence are, globally the life in the world and
in the hereafter. His teachings should be animates all the twists of the life of every
Muslim. The texts of the other worship explained that the Almighty God who
created man and Earth even provided their tools, in the hands of her Royal life and
death it is two phases were created as a means of displaying human behavior,
work, or his devotion to the good and the ugly.
Based on verses and Hadith Hadith that was taken over the restoration of
the values of Sufism can be reinforcing the soul of unity whereby the assessment
of fetal spirit her baby there life and giving of panca inderadan sense. Therefore,
in the science of Sufism is not just a natural phenomenon seen make it remember
berzikir to God the Creator but rather look at the phenomenon of nature itself
presents to celebrate or berzikir with metaphorical language to God the creator.

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