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In Islam man can not be separated from the challenges and trials. The higher the level of knowledge and one's position in the organization, his demands became more severe. Inspiration of leadership is the freedom of the low level to high level in an ideal rule. Professionalism as a necessity and inspiration for leaders who are competent requires a good reputation among its members. Freedom in this case a mean free but irregularly, does not mean freedom without rules. Freedom as a challenge to be able to develop a reputation pembimpin is better to not confined within the scope of the passive. Changes in the organization of a comprehensive way with the one thing that is needed in order to have a loyalty leader. Change and movement in a new direction is needed given the inspiration to freedom of movement and advanced according to the rules of the game. Hard work and exist, is a form of professionalism challenge leaders in growing and developing its reputation.
Kata Kunci: Tantangan, Profesional, Kebebasan, Pemimpin, Reputasi

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