History of FITRAH

HISTORY OF FITRAH: Jurnal Kajian Ilmu-Ilmu Keislaman

FITRAH: Jurnal Kajian Ilmu-ilmu Keislaman is a journal on Islamic Sciences that has been published by the Central for Research and Devotion to the Community called P2M of the State College for Islamic Studies Padangsidimpuan which called STAIN Padangsidimpuan since 1993 with the Number of ISSN: 0854-3682. Then, in 2014, STAIN Padangsidimpuan improved the status become Institute, as the State Institute for Islamic Studies Padangsidimpuan (IAIN Padangsidimpuan). Along with the change his status, thus the management of journal also changed from central (P2M) to Institute, it is Institute for Research and Community Services called as (LPPM) who directly retained by the central of Research and Publishing with the respect to the change in its management, then the ISSN number is being renewed with the number 2442-6997 concern with the commencement of new publishing journal FITRAH for Volume 1 June Period at 2015. For the next, the E-ISSN was also obtained to PDII-LIPI with the Number 2460-2345, is to support the online publication of Journal being Open Journal Systems.

In the development of this Journal, in 2019, the language has been changed in to dominantly used English, and it was started from Vol5 No1 June 2019.